Gabrielle Traub, homeopath, interviews experts on Homeopathy and Integrative Medicine to discuss simple, effective ways to take care of your health. Learn about the latest in cutting edge technology as well as secrets from ancient wisdom.


"Royal Health": Find out how the royal family stay healthy in this interview with Dr. Peter Fisher, homeopath and physician to the queen and British Royal Family and how he treats Allergies. Listen Vital Force Radio

"Homeopathy for Children during Cold and Flu Season"
Gabrielle is interviewed on Parent Savers radio show on

how to boost your immune system with homeopathy and top 10 list of homeopathic remedies to keep in your home.

"Stress and Anxiety"
Gabrielle interviews psychiatrist, Dr. Robert Solomon about a drug-free approach to managing Stress and Anxiety.
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"Breast Health"
Discover thermography, a safe breast prevention tool. How to prevent lymphedema and a fun way to raise money for breast awareness.
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"Is your computer set up causing you pain?"
Beanstalk Computing explains how simple adjustments to your computer set up can relieve back and neck pain, eyestrain and carpal tunnel syndrome. Listen Vital Force Radio

"Get Financially Fit"
Financial coach, Dean Koci shares how 10 simple steps can transform your finances from nightmarish and get Financially Fit. Listen Vital Force Radio

"Celebrities who love Homeopathy" with Dana Ullman ListenVital Force Radio

"Homeopathy for Animals"
Homeopathic vet, Dr. Stephen Blake, discusses how you help your furry friends with Homeopathy. Listen Vital Force Radio

"Homeopathy for Autism and Children with Special Needs" Autism One Radio. Host: Amy Lansky
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"How to keep your New Year's Intentions"
Gabrielle interviews marriage and family therapist, Nicole Kahn on how to keep your New Year's intensions. Dr. Todd Rowe, MD, psychiatrist shares how homeopathy is changing lives.
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Channel 6 San Diego Living
Fox 6
Morning News
KUSI Morning news
Canadian Documentary on Homeopathy



"Pain Neutralization Technique"

Gabrielle interviews chiropractor, Dr. Rachel Richards, to discuss a technique that's helping patients get relief from pain.
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"Fertility Boosters"

Gabrielle interviews acupuncturist, Dr. Mark Sklar, to discuss ways to boost Fertility.
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ertility Boosting Foods

"Bellydance your way to Fitness"
Gabrielle interviews The Shimmy Sisters and Danyavaad to discuss alternative forms of exercise.
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"Homeopathy Talk" Health and Harmony Radio.

"Homeopathy for Women's Health" KCBQ 1170 AM
Forever Young Radio with Kelly Cappasola and Jim Evans.

"Homeopathic Treatment for Menopause"
Smooth Jazz Radio, 98.1 The Morning Connection with
Melissa Sharpe

"Homeopathic treatment for Menopause"
Health and Harmony Radio Station: Cable Radio Network (CRNI).

"Homeopathic treatment for Children with Special Needs"
Inner Health Radio and Voice America. Host: Melissa Burch.

“Homeopathy for Children” KCBQ1170 AM
Forever Young Radio: Hosts Kelly Cappasola and Jim Evans.

"Homeopathy for Optimal Performance in Sports"

Albertlea Radio, Minnesota.

"Awakenings with Homeopathy" with Glenn Brooks and Vibrant Living on KKNW 1150 AM; Seattle, Washington

"Homeopathy for Emotional Health"
Station: KKNW 1150 AM
Location: Seattle, Washington


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