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Traub's Key To Health

You know what you need to do to be physically healthy, but can you implement it into your life?

Traub's formulae for vibrant health:

1) Sleep 40%
2) Exercise 30%
3) Relaxation 20%
4) Diet 10% (Yes, only 10%: When you are sleeping well and therefore not craving sugar and stimulants: When you are exercising and your body naturally rejects unhealthy food; and When you are relaxed and happy, diet will often take care of itself.)

* Min 7hrs, no more than 9 hours/night
* Uninterrupted
* Dream: REM (rapid eye movement) sleep
* No TV in bedroom
* Before bedtime ritual: e.g hot bath, meditation, etc
* Uncluttered bedroom
* Don't do anything except make love or sleep in your bedroom, read somewhere else
* Go to bed and wake up same time every day
* Don't go to bed on a full stomach or hungry
* Alcohol greatly effects your ability to have a restful uninterrupted sleep Exercise or movement:
* Choose something you really enjoy
* If you are social, engage in team sports
* Make an appointment for yourself, make it a priority
* If you are feeling tired opt for a slow, gentle form of exercise or stretching

*Benefits: mood enhancer, gives you energy, improves circulation and lymphatics, improves appearance and body image, keeps you fit (cardiac benefits) weight bearing exercise improves bone density, eliminates toxins through sweat, lowers cholesterol, improves sleep, improves mental clarity and stamina, keeps your joints moving and your body supple

* Exercise outside if air quality is good
* At least 45 minutes 4-5 x week, however start off slowly
* Best to exercise in the morning or split it into 2 X1/2 hour sessions

Identify the things that make you feel relaxed and happy and do them!!

Try to do one fun activity each day and one big relaxing/fun activity per week.

Take one day off a week where you have no schedule: plan an outing, read a book, get outside.

Try to see the humor in things and laugh out loud: it is good for your health.

Do not multitask - Complete one things before you move onto the next thing.


Keep your home and work areas clean and free of clutter.

Surround yourself with pictures and symbols that make you relaxed and happy.

Get a massage, it is not an indulgence it is a necessity.


Don't do fad diets, concentrate on healthy eating plansPut into your body the foods that make you feel alive and healthyUnless you are diabetic or sensitive to sugar fruit is good for you when eaten in the correct wayEat small regular meals throughout the dayDo not miss any mealsAvoid or cut down on:
* Sugar
* Alcohol
* Coffee and caffeinated beverages (try Rajah's cup/Bamboo coffee/ Red
bush tea/ Postum instead) Herbal teas should not be drunk every day
* Fatty foods
* Refined foods
* Sodas
* Artificial sweeteners (use Stevia instead)
Add to your diet Essential Fatty Acids
Supplements known to work:
Drink 8-10 glasses of water per day
Cut down on coffee, sugar and alcohol
Have a high fiber diet: constipation is linked to lethargy and ill health

Allow yourself enough time to go to the bathroom. Do NOT hold it in.

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